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Time for “surgical intervention“ in the judicial system, Armenian PM says
2019-05-20 13:12:55

It’s high time for a surgical intervention in the judicial system, Prime Minister Nikol Pahsinyan said in an address today.


He said having an independent and unbiased judicial system is of vital importance, and added that the lack of such system is number one challenge facing our country.


“All courts across Armenia should undergo vetting, i.e. the public should be fully informed about judges’ political ties and origin, their property status, the activity in their capacity as judge and before that, their personal and professional qualities,” the Prime Minister said.


He said judges who "believe they cannot be just" and those whose rulings were found unfair by the European Court of Human Rights should resign.


“The implementation of the mechanism of transitional justice is of vital importance or the Republic of Armenia, and within a month or two we must sum up our work in this direction over the past eight months,” the Prime Minister stated.


He said relevant legislative work is necessary for implementing this vital agenda. “If constitutional changes are needed, we should take that step. If we need to do it through a popular referendum, we have to choose that solution,” he said.


Pashinyan stressed that the whole work should be carried out in cooperation with respectable international organizations, within the framework of the best international experience and Armani’s international commitments,” he stated.