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The Athletic
Steve Kerr, family honored by school in San Francisco
2019-02-12 10:09:43

Armenian American professional basketball coach and former player Steve Kerr and his family were honored by KZV Armenian School in San Francisco.

Kerr delivered keynote address at the school's banquet. He also accepted an award honoring his grandfather's humaitarian efforts.

After the armenian Genocide, his granparents Stanley and Elsa Kerr cared for nearly 10,000 orphans when they had nowhere else to go. Many of them went on to become college graduates, experts and professionals. The Kerrs put themselves in grave danger for people they didn’t know.

“They were just Granny and Grandpa to me,” Kerr said. “They weren’t these heroes who saved a generation of children.”

According to The Athletic,one of the most moving moments on Saturday came during a preview of a yet-to-be-completed documentary, “Kerr: Warriors of Peace.” When a snippet from a letter from his grandfather was read, 99 years to the day after he wrote it, Kerr put his head down and wiped away a tear.

"Tonight the most bitter cold of all this winter, all the remaining Armenians are preparing to go out again into exile. Many will perish on the way from Turkish bullets or from cold. Our orphans, old women and men, will remain in our compounds. Perhaps by remaining here, we can protect the remaining Armenians from massacre. If the Turks do not respect our flag and our property, we will die with the others. May the horrors of the last weeks be a blot on the pages of history. No matter what happens, remember that I am ready to make any sacrifice, even death, and have no fear. Good bye, with love and hope.