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New musical tracks the path of an Armenian girl during the 1915 genocide
2019-04-09 14:46:31

A new musical, A Journey of Angels will tell the story of an impassioned, 14-year-old Armenian girl named Flora, who dreams of furthering her education at the American Missionary school and traveling to far-away places to experience the diversity of the world, Broadway World reports.

Her dream comes to an unforeseen halt, when the Turkish government announces the proclamation that all Armenians must be removed from their homes and driven on a forced march, leaving behind everything. Flora is faced with the horror of losing her entire family with the exception of her beloved sister. As she travels down the harrowing paths during the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Flora finds the courage and will to survive and fight for her freedom.

The musical is based on the novel My Mother's Voice by Dr. Kay Mouradian. Brent Beerman, a performing arts teacher at the school, wrote the play and directed the selections. The musical features music and lyrics by Kathi Chaplar and is directed by Kay Cole.

"Flora's story is a symbol of hope. A young girl's struggle to know her story and to witness her survival is to find hope in the struggle against all oppression and intolerance," said book-writer Brent Beerman.

"Her story, however, is more than an historical marker; it chronicles the life and journey of one Armenian village, focusing on one family, chronicling the persistence of one girl's dream in the face of unspeakable atrocities. If we are to overcome future despots, then we must never forget what has happened to Flora, and the Armenian people through the horror of the genocide," he added.