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Armenia sees no need in reconsidering relations with Iran – acting PM
2018-11-20 15:10:56

Armenia sees no need in reconsidering its relations with Iran, the acting Prime Minister says.

“We have to develop our relations very intensively, and these relations should be mutually beneficial,” acting PM Nikol Pashinyan told reporters today.

“As neighboring countries we not only have to maintain the level of relations, but also try to raise them to new heights,” Pashinyan added.

He said that a company that has relations with both Iranioan and American partners, may be forced to make a choice, and when it comes to private companies, it’s up to them to decide which way they go.

On the government level, he said “we have clearly presented our position, our interests in relations with Iran and Georgia.”

“I’m confident that our American partners understand our situation and policy,” the acting PM said.

He added that development of good and strong relations with the US is also very important to Armenia.

“I’m glad that relations with Armenia is also on the priority list," Nikol Pashinyan said.

The commens come in the wake of a visit by an interagency team of subject matter experts from the US Departments of State and Treasury to Yerevan. 

They discussed the Iran sanctions policies with counterparts in the Armenian government and business community.

The Trump administration has restored all sanctions lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal in a bid to pressure Iran.

The sanctions that went into effect on Monday target Iran's oil exports and financial transactions, hitting the country's main source of revenue and hard currency.

The Trump administration will allow Japan, China, India, Italy, Greece, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey to escape US sanctions against Iran.