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Erdogan once again lashes out at Macron over Armenian Genocide
2019-04-29 11:36:01

Turkey’s President Regep Tayyop Erdogan has once again lashed out at France’s Macron for declaring April 24 as Armenian genocide Commemoration Day, the Hurriyet Daily news reports.

“Sending a message to 700,000 Armenians in France, Mr. Macron, will not save you. First, you should learn to be honest in politics. It’s not possible for you to win in politics unless you turn to be an honest politician,” Erdogan said at his party’s assessment camp over the weekend.

Macron is new to politics and does not know “these businesses,” the president said. He said he has discussed the issue with the French president a number of times.

Describing the Armenian issue as a “tool employed by others to pressurize Turkey in the international arena,” Erdogan said, unlike many other states, Turkey doesn’t have a shameful past.

“During the Balkan wars and in their aftermath, we unfortunately lost 2 million brothers and sisters of ours, including women, children and the elderly. And as many civilian citizens of ours were massacred during the Russian and Armenian invasion in eastern and southeastern Anatolia,” he said.

He doubled down on Turkey’s stance that the Armenian “relocation” was neither a genocide nor a great disaster; it was a tragic event that took place under troublesome conditions a century ago.

On April 24, France held the first national day of commemoration of the Armenian genocide, fulfilling a pledge by President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron announced the commemoration at a meeting with representatives of the country’s large Armenian community in February, honoring a promise made during his 2017 presidential campaign.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe participated in the Armenian Genocide commemoration in Paris.

President Macron said “we commemorate the Armenian Genocide to ensure that history does not repeat its errors.”

“Today, on April 24, we officially commemorate the Armenian Genocide to remember that man is capable of the worst when he forgets what binds him to his neighbor, and to ensure that history does not repeat his errors,” Macron said in a Twitter post.