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Google to 'auto-delete' web tracking history
2019-05-02 15:58:13

Google is to offer users the option of automatically deleting their search and location history after three months, the BBC reports. 

The search giant already allows users to manually delete the data it scoops up when they use its products such as YouTube, Maps and Search.

Now, in a bid to offer more control over personal data, it will offer the option of automatic deletion after three or 18 months.

Google said the new tools would appear in the "coming weeks."

The search giant has faced scrutiny over the personal data it collects. In November, it was accused of tracking where people went even when they had switched off location history.

Currently, Google's web history and location tracking can be "paused" in the settings page for each account.

But in the coming weeks it will offer the option to have this data automatically removed when it is more than a few months old.