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Peace and victory important guarantees for nation's development, Armenian President says
2019-05-09 10:18:49

President Armen Sarkissian has issued a congratulatory message on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day and Shushi Liberation.

He congratulated all veterans of the Patriotic and Artsakh Wars, homeland defenders and freedom fighters, soldiers and officers, the entire nation, all citizens of Armenia and Artsakh” who at the time of need instantly become defenders of Fatherland.”

He also congratulated Diaspora Armenians, who participated actively in the fight against fascism and later, in the defense of Artsakh.

“Peace and victory as values are important guarantees for the development of peoples and nations. Nearly 75 years ago, in the World War II it was also through the efforts of 600,000 of our compatriots that the fight against fascism brought peace to the world. Twenty-seven years ago, with the historic liberation of Shushi, we were able to turn the tide of the Artsakh War,” the President said.

“Thousands of our compatriots lost their lives to bring these victories and to establish peace. We bow to their eternal memory,” he added.

According to the President, “we should not be content with the achievements of the past only.

“We should register victories also today, in all areas; we need to create today a strong foundation of tomorrow’s accomplishments. To overcome current challenges, we need to be victorious in our mind, we need to put forward new ideas and call them to life in the military and civil live, on the borders and in the rear, at the workplace and in the economy, in the science and culture,” Armen Sarkissian stated.

“It was the united power of Armenia, Artsakh, and Diaspora, our joint Armenian strength that prevailed in the Artsakh War and brought about the glorious liberation of Shushi. We need to make every effort to keep our unity intact to ensure our future victories, to keep peace unbroken in Armenia and Artsakh,” the President concluded..