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Liberation of Shushi “a victory of inflexible will of the Armenian people“ - Bako Sahakyan
2019-05-09 10:55:12

On 9 May President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address in connection with the Victory day, the 27th anniversary of the Artsakh Republic Defense Army and the Liberation of Shushi.

He called the day a “a glorious triple holiday which unites all generations of our people, consolidates the whole Armenian nation all over the world.”

“On 9th of May we celebrate the magnificent victory of our fathers and grandfathers in the Great Patriotic War with the sense of infinite pride and gratitude. History remembers their unparalleled heroism and courage, selfless devotion to the homeland and the native people, which our generation has inherited and mastered as the best lessons of patriotism,” President Sahakyan said.

“Bearing in mind their heroic example we did not hesitate in 1992 to take up arms together with our sisters and brothers in Mother Armenia and the Diaspora and stand side by side for the defense of our Fatherland, formed a Defense Army in the conditions of war imposed on us, and liberated Armenian fortress-town Shushi,” he continued.

According to the President, “It was the victory of the combined power, freedom-loving spirit and inflexible will of the Armenian people.”

“Today our brave sons keep these victories firm, continuing with honor the sacred mission of their forefathers,” Bako Sahakyan he added.