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Armenia, Italy to cooperate to improve control in criminal investigation
2019-05-21 18:39:17

Armenia and Italy will cooperate to improve control in criminal investigation and transfer pricing.

On May 21, Deputy Director General of the Revenue Agency of Italy Paolo Barbantini and Deputy Chairman of SRC signed - in attendance of the chairman of SRC and the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Italy to Armenia - a memorandum of understanding on technical assistance to be shown to the State Revenue Committee within the Tax Inspectors Without Borders Programme.

Chairman of SRC Davit Ananyan emphasized the importance of the cooperation between the two countries and pointed out that active cooperation with the tax administrations of leading countries is among the focal areas of the committee’s strategy, which helps identify challenges and work effectively to improve.

Reforms will be carried out at SRC due to the cooperation established between the two countries. Italy’s tax specialists will be involved for 18 months in audits and tax control processes carried out in Armenia in order to reform the functions.

“We shall transfer Italy’s experience to Armenia in 3 main sectors: transfer pricing, aggressive tax planning and criminal investigation. Practical assistance is the best way to improve the potential of tax administrations. I believe that modern tax service should be able to fight tax evasion, and yet assist taxpayers who are willing to pay tax liabilities. Therefore, it is important to take a balanced approach with respect to all taxpayers,” pointed out Paolo Barbantini, and said that they will exchange experience with Armenian partners also beyond the program.

“Italy is quite developed in detecting economic crimes and has a powerful analytic, legal and legislative field. Therefore, a close and continuous cooperation is expected with the Italian partners, who in turn expressed willingness to get familiarized with the experience of Armenia’s State Revenue Committee in electronic management,” mentioned Deputy Chairman of SRC Mikayel Pashayan.

Starting May 22, work discussions will launch with the relevant subdivisions of SRC, as well as with stakeholder administrations based on sector peculiarities.

To discuss criminal investigation, experts and SRC specialists will have meetings with Armenia’s General Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee, the National Security Service, Main Police Department of Fighting Organized Crime and CB’s Special Monitoring Center. From the SRC, the discussions will be led by Deputy Chairman of SRC Rustam Badasyan and they will cover the relation between tax and other financial crimes, as well as the cooperation between departments in counteracting financial crimes.

It is worth reminding that during February 27-28, the delegation led by Chairman of SRC Davit Ananyan visited Italy to discuss matters of cooperation within the Tax Inspectors Without Borders Programme.