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Free, legitimate elections will become an indivisible part of Armenia's modern history - President
2018-11-26 09:42:32

Ahead of the forthcoming parliamentary elections Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian is urging citizens to make a choice in accordance with their vision of Armenia’s development and in accordance with their values.

According to him, the elections are the most important event in the political life of Armenia after the great changes which took place last April and May [the Velvet Revolution] and the results will be essential for the development of the country and its prospects.

“We all ought to be very responsible and conscientious, regardless of the positions we hold or capabilities we have,” the President said in a statement ahead of the kickoff of the election campaign.

He appealed to state bodies, urging to honor their legal duties and fulfill requirements of the Constitution. He voiced confidence that free, equal, and legitimate elections would become an “indivisible part of our modern history.”

“I appeal to the political parties and alliances participating to the elections: I hope that you have taken up the political task of forming your teams and programs with the utmost responsibility. They chart the course for Armenia’s future development,” President Sarkissian continued.

“Stay true to the values you believe in, at the same time, stay respectful and courteous to each other,” he advised.

The President also urged citizens to be demanding, listen to all in order to make a choice “judiciously and well-informed.”

“Make your choice in accordance with your vision of Armenia’s development, in accordance with your values. Remember that Armenia’s future depends on all and each of us,” he continued.