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Armenians head to polls to elect new Parliament
2018-12-09 08:05:57

Armenians are heading to polls today to elect new Parliament. All 2010 polling stations opened at 8am sharp, and the voting will continue through 8pm.

According to the data released by Police, a total of 2,573,779 citizens are eligible to cast their ballot in 13 voting districts across the republic.

Participating forces

Nine political parties and two alliances are running for the National Assembly. These include the Republican Party of Armenia, Citizen’s Decision Party, Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun, My Step bloc, Bright Armenia Party, Christian Democratic Revival Party, National Progress Party, Menk bloc, Orinats Yerkir Party, Sasna Tsrer Party and Prosperous Armenia Party.

A total of 1,451 candidates will compete for at least 101 seats in the Parliament through a two-tier proportional system, with candidates elected from a single national list and 13 district lists.

The ballot paper includes one part with the closed national list and one part with the open district list. The district candidates have to appear on the national list. The voter can, in addition to choosing a national list, also give a preference vote to one district candidate.

Live streaming

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has launched the Live Streaming link, where anyone can follow the voting process and vote counting live. It’s simply necessary to select the area supported by a relevant territorial electoral commission any any of the polling stations in the area. There is also an opportunity to report technical problems.

Vote counting and results

The polls will close at 8pm, after which the territorial electoral commissions will have 12 hours to complete the vote counting, make a protocol on the voting results and publish it.

By December 10, 8 pm  or no later than within 24 hours after the end of the voting, the Central Electoral Commission should post the preliminary results on its website, as well as formally announce them on the television and radio.

Parties and alliances participating in the elections may submit applications to the Central Electoral Commission on declaring the election results invalid until  December 14, 6pm.

The final protocol on the voting results, the results of the voting and the preliminary mandate distribution should be made and published by the CEC on December 16.

After the mandates have been distributed, the parties and political forces will have until December 23, 6 pm to enter coalition with a maximum of two forces elected to Parliament.

On December 23 the CEC will make a final decision on whether the National Assembly has been elected or a second round is needed.


Eight international organizations have applied to the Central Electoral Commission to carry out an observation mission. These include OSCE, PACE, CIS and European Parliament, as well as the European Network of Election Monitoring.

Furthermore, 22 local organizations will observe the elections and have accredited a total of 17,813 observers,

Thirty-two foreign and 70 media outlets have accredited to cover the voting process.