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An election for the future: Armenia's President casts his vote
2018-12-09 12:22:09

President Armen Sarkissian is confident that the snap parliamentary elections will be free and fair. The President cast his ballot at polling station 9/459 in Yerevan.

“This is an important day, when people should express their will. I hope every one of us will fulfill his duty by coming to the polling station and casting his vote,” President Sarkissian told reporters.

“This should be an election for the future. Every voter should think and judge with his conscience, think about his family, children, the responsibility that he bears,” he said.

The President added that “everyone is responsible for the future of the country – the President, the prime Minister, the National Assembly, but first of all every citizen. This is the moment for every citizen to demonstrate his responsibility and commitment,” Armen Sarkissian stated.

He congratulated everyone on the occasion of the elections, and wished that they are truly “free and independent.”