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Varuzhan Avetisyan: This is an interim stage that will lead to equal and transparent elections
2018-12-09 11:32:07

Leader of the Sasna Tsrer All-Armenian Party list Varuzhan Avetisyan says “people’s will is the most important today.”

After casting his ballot in snap parliamentary elections at polling station 10/49, Avetisyan said “this is an interim stage, which will lead us to free, fair, equal and transparent elections.”

“Now there is freedom, and we’ll work together to ensure the rest,” he told reporters.

Armenians are voting in an early parliamentary election on Sunday. Nine political parties and two alliances are running for the National Assembly.

These include the Republican Party of Armenia, Citizen’s Decision Party, Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun, My Step bloc, Bright Armenia Party, Christian Democratic Revival Party, National Progress Party, Menk bloc, Orinats Yerkir Party, Sasna Tsrer Party and Prosperous Armenia Party.

The voting will continue through 8 pm. The preliminary results will be announced within 24 hours after the polls close.