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The path is irreversible: Artsakh celebrates Constitution Day
2018-12-10 10:30:42

Artsakh has made a decisive choice of building an independent and sovereign state on its soil, the country’s President Bako Sahakyan said in an address on the State Independence Referendum and Constitution Day.

“December the 10th has entered into the chronology of our people as a day of making pivotal decisions that have outlined the subsequent path for the development of our state. These historical decisions have been adopted through nationwide referendums, unanimously in conformity with international norms and principles, strictly adhering to the letter and spirit of the law,” the President said.

“Artsakh has made a decisive choice of building an independent and sovereign state on its soil, independently managing its destiny, remaining faithful to the unconditional supremacy of law and human rights, the principles of democracy, universal and national values,” he added.

According to President Sahakyan, “the accomplishments of the independence years testify to Artsakh’s determination and resoluteness to preserve and consolidate the freedom and independence gained by the blood of our brave sons, multiply the glorious victories forged by the efforts of all Armenians, since these values are sacred for the entire Armenian nation.”

He stressed that the path is indivertible and irreversible. “From now on too, everything will be done for the continuous consolidation of our statehood, ensuring the security of the people, consistent strengthening of defensive capacity, development of the economy and increasing the living standards of the population,” Bako Sahakyan aded.

The Constitution of Artsakh was adopted by a nationwide referendum on December 10, 2006, with 85.79% of the participants backed the adoption of the “Mother Law.”  

This document established Nagorno-Karabakh as a sovereign, democratic state based on social justice and the rule of law.

The "Republic of Artsakh" has been the official name of the state following the 2017 constitutional referendum. Stepanakert is defined as the state's capital. Power is vested in its citizens, who exercise it directly through the election of government representatives.

Decisions related to changes in constitutional status or to an alteration of borders are subject to a vote by the citizens of Artsakh exercised in a referendum.