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Forbes names Armenia among Best Budget Destinations for 2019
2019-01-04 14:40:15

Forbes has included Armenia mong 18 Best Budget Destinations for 2019.

“Set in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia is a hidden gem that’s still untouched by mass tourism , and yet has so much to offer: rich history, wineries, impressive landscapes, ancient monasteries and breathtaking mountains as far as your eyes can see,” Forbes writes.  

The article notes that capital, Yerevan, is a lively city with wide avenues, delicious restaurants, museums and street markets selling local handicrafts.

Author Alexandra Talty says that because of her her Armenian heritage, she has grown up on delicious Armenian food.

“Some of my favorite local dishes include dolma, khorovats or barbequed meat, and local cheeses with lavash bread. For wine lovers, Armenia is the perfect place to try wines made from different fruits such as pomegranate (Armenia’s national symbol), blackberries and cherries,” she writes.

“Outside of the capital is picturesque nature. You can pay a visit to the oldest winery in the world in Areni, stop by stunning monasteries, or check out the oldest cathedral in the world in Etchmiadzin,” the article reads.

Other destinations on the list include San Antonio (Texas), Puebla (Mexico), Hawaii (USA), St. Helena, Province of Laguna (the Philippines), the Balkan Peninsula, Agra, (India), budapest (Hungary), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Gobi Desert (Mongolia), South Africa,  Zanzibar, Serbia, Transylvania (Romania), George Town (Penang, Malaysia), Moscow (Russia) and Taipei (Taiwan).