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Yerevan among budget-friendly European destinations for 2019
2019-01-09 14:21:12

Czech online travel agency Kiwi.com has included Armenia’s capital Yerevan among the  budget-friendly European destinations to travel this year.

According to the website, Yerevan is one of the longest continually-inhabited cities on the planet, and adds that “its vast squares and wide boulevards bring to mind Paris, while here and there you may be reminded of Budapest or Rome.

“Make no mistake though — it is very much its own city,” Kiwi.com stresses.

Lying in the shadow of Mount Ararat, it has been the centre of an almost constant power struggle between Christians and Muslims in the region, but today, it has emerged from the economic collapse of the post-Soviet era into a modern, open city, the article notes.

The centre of the city is remarkably green. There are a number of parks and gardens in which to relax, and the locals do, frequently.

“Summer evenings will see locals chilling out of doors (there are apparently over 500 outdoor eateries in town!), and the selection of food and drink would be the envy of many western European cities, with local delicacies like barbecued meat vying for attention between sushi, Mexican and Thai food,” the article reads.

The travel agency advises to pay sober attention to the history of the place by visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum to learn about an inescapable part of the country’s tumultuous past; visit the gorgeous Blue Mosque for a calming alternative to the bustle beyond; head to the top of the Cascade for a view of the city and the mountains beyond; or simply get to know the city and its people by talking to the gregarious locals.

The list also includes Calabria, (Italy), Ohrid (Macedonia), Strasbourg (France), Osijek (Croatia), Hamburg (Germany) and Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia).