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Dr. Yuri Oganessian to be honored in Los Angeles
2019-01-15 14:09:56

Professor Dr. Yuri Oganessian will be honored at the 35th Annual Gala of Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America.

Dr. Oganessian is nuclear physicist who is considered the world's leading researcher in superheavy chemical elements.

In December 2016 the scientist had an element named after him (Oganesson, Og) added to Mendeleev’s periodical table.

His many achievements include the discovery of superheavy elements and significant advances in the nuclear physics of superheavy nuclei including experimental evidence for the “island of stability.”

Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) President John-Emmanuel Shirajian met with Dr. Yury Oganesyan in July 2018, when he visited the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR) in Dubna, Russia.