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Armenians are a nation chosen by God, President says
2019-01-18 16:18:06

Armenian President Armenian Sarkissian and Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian visited the Holy Martyrs' Armenian Church in Abu Dhabi.

They laid flowers at the cross-tone erected in memory of the Armenian genocide victims and paid tribute to their memory with a moment of silence.

The President then met with Armenian community representatives at “Ara Khanoyan” Sunday school.

“I would like to see the day we forget the word “Diaspora” and become citizens of Armenia,” the President said.


 He added that “the fact that we live in different countries of the world and are spread worldwide is a privilege rather than a shortcoming, because we are one of the few nations in the world that can say that “we are a small state, and even have two small states, but a global nation closely linked to each other.”


“We have shaped the small model of the 21st century, because in the 21st century the whole world, the whole population irrespective of where it lives from Australia to Russia, from Europe to the United States, will live as one family – the human family. The world is getting smaller, as the population is growing. It is getting smaller, because we're all connected,” President Sarkissian said.


“I believe that our nation belongs to the 21st century, as values have changed, and the nation or state with the largest natural wealth, the nation that will be able to unite its forces and mental capacities on a small land will be the strongest in the21st century,” Armen Sarkissian added.


 “I believe that we are a nation chosen by God. We are a nation that have passed through the hardest trials, have seen the worst hell in the world – the genocide, by God’s choice. But today we not only exist, but are also stronger and powerful. We are a victorious nation. Coming victories are ahead, and these victories will be achieved not only on the battlefield, but also in all domains of our national interests and statehood,” the President stated.


“We are a nation chosen by God and we have no option other than triumphing and succeeding,” President Sarkissian said.