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Forbes: A culinary tour of Georgia and Armenia
2019-01-21 16:30:21

Famous for flavorful spices complementing fresh ingredients, the traditional dishes of Georgia and Armenia are the perfect entrée into the culture of this undersung region, Brandon Schultz writes in a Forbes article.

According to the author, an immersive culinary tour may be the best option for exploring new territory in delicious style.

Brandon Schultz has taken a 10-day tour to Georgia and Armenia to explore the culinary and culture in both countries.

He says “barbecue isn’t only for Texas. “In Armenia, khorovats are big business. They’re spiced and skewered meats, often pork, barbecued on a grill and served at family gatherings. Feast on khorovats at a quaint Armenian restaurant to experience this most traditional of local fare,” Schultz advises.

He further recommends to take a guided tour of the Yerevan Brandy Company and visit its museum to understand just how legendary this brandy is, and how artisan their production remains, from barrels built on site to its distinctive glass bottles.