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Petition calls for Trinity College to recognize Armenian Genocide
2019-01-23 10:14:24

The Armenian Club at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, calls for recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The petition circulated around the campus last month aims to garner support for acknowledging the Armenian Genocide, and to push for formal recognition of the Genocide by Trinity College as an academic institution.


Now the Armenian Club has provided more information about this dark page in history.


The Armenian Club believes a statement on Armenian Genocide from Trinity would no doubt pave the way for more schools to follow.


Furthermore, they say, it would demonstrate that Trinity formally acknowledges the nature of the Armenian Genocide on scholarly grounds and takes a stand against Turkey’s attempts to expunge the Genocide from academia.


The Armenian Club asks that students take some time to research these complicated issues for themselves, in order to become better informed about the significance of this discussion.


In addition, the club advises that students keep their ears open for further information in the coming semester, as the Armenian Club continues to discuss this sensitive topic with the administration and the student body.