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Armenia-based company hit by US sanctions against Iran
2019-01-25 15:46:00

The United States issued on Thursday new sanctions against Iran, including against a civilian airline.

The US Treasury Department announced that the Iran-backed Zaynabiyoun Brigade and the Fatemiyoun Division, both based in Syria, providing “material support” to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and should thus be sanctioned.

Additionally, Qeshm Fars Air, an Iranian airline allegedly linked to Mahan Air, which is already sanctioned by the United States was also penalized.

Armenia-based Flight Travel LLC, also connected to Mahan Air, was also blacklisted by the US Treasury Department on Thursday.

“Flight Travel LLC, located in Yerevan, Armenia is being designated for acting for or on behalf of Mahan Air by serving as a Mahan Air general sales agent (GSA) in Armenia,” the Treasury said.  

A GSA is a third party that provides services to an airline under the airline’s brand, including sales and marketing, administrative services, and financial services. F

Flight Travel LLC is now the third company sanctioned by Treasury for acting for or on behalf of Mahan Air as a GSA in the last seven months.