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Armenia’s main asset is its bright-minded and talented people - PM
2019-01-31 19:01:07

A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between the Technological University of Cologne and Armenia’s National Polytechnic University.

The document was signed by Štefan Herzig, the Rector of the University, and Armenia’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany Ashot Smbatyan. The Memorandum provides that the two universities will develop scientific cooperation in the field of information and high technologies.

Following  the signing ceremony Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with the students and professorship at the Technological University of Cologne.

The Prime Minister shared  the Armenian vision on the promise of digital and technological age.

“IT was one of the keys to the success of the Armenian Velvet Revolution. Using social media, the Armenian people mobilized to deny the former elite, who did not enjoy the people’s trust and confidence,” he said.

“They rejected decades-long era of deception and fraud. With velvet revolution Armenians put an end to the era of bad governance, to ensure transparency. They put an end to the era of unrestricted power, to make government accountable. The Armenian people put an end to the abuse of fundamental rights and freedoms, to ensure better quality of life,” the Prime Minister said.

According to him, “transparency, accountability and better protection of human rights are few of positive transformations that digital and technological age promises.”

“The Armenian people has successfully made the most of it and committed themselves to establish a true democracy,” the Prime Minister said.

He noted that the snap parliamentary elections completed this phase of the velvet revolution and added that “now we desperately need an economic revolution.”

“We want to meet 21st-century standards with ever wider opportunities and prospects to position Armenia as a country producing high-value and knowledge-intensive goods and services with creative human capital at its core,” he stated.

“Today, the Armenian potential has widened up. The IT sector in Armenia grew five-fold over the past seven years with an annual rate of about 25%. Multinational companies like Synopsys, National Instruments, Cisco, VMWare, TeamViewer, Mentor Graphics (owned by Siemens) and others have big research and development offices in Armenia with thousands of employees solving the most complex problems in 5G, Advanced Driver-assistance System, Machine to Machine Communications, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other applications. Armenia’s current potential enables us to implement programs both with our compatriots from Diaspora and international organizations and - why not - with the IT giants,” Nikol Pashinyan stated.

The Prime Minister added that “we are launching exciting startup projects to create ecosystems, incubators, including sustainable development laboratories. Artificial intelligence, cyber security, block-chain and semiconductor technologies are among our priorities.”

He stressed that Armenia’s main asset is its bright-minded and talented people with cutting-edge education.

“Due to this, Armenian startups are evolving speedily, some of them coming in leading places on the world map of technology. It is a proven fact, when Armenians are provided with opportunities, they are always successful,” he stated.