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Armenia ranked as "partly free" country, aggregate score improved
2019-02-05 13:17:39

Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh have been rated as “partly free” in a new reports published by the Freedom House. A five-point gain in aggregate score reflects an improvement in conditions for political rights and civil liberties in Armenia.

Although the report registers decline in democracy, positive breakthroughs in countries scattered all over the world during 2018 showed that the universal promise of democracy still holds power.

The Freedom House says Armenia broke that pattern with the election of a new, reform-minded government.

“In Armenia, massive nonviolent demonstrations forced the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, the country’s leader since 2008, who had tried to evade term limits by moving from the presidency to the prime minister’s office. After snap elections in December, a new reformist majority in the parliament has pledged to promote transparency and accountability for corruption and abuse of office,” the report reads.

The report also notes that Armenia is one of the countries that will be in the spotlight in 2019, as the country saw important developments last year that affected their democratic trajectory.