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France declares April 24 commemoration day of Armenian genocide
2019-02-06 03:04:02

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday declared April 24 as the date France will commemorate the Armenian genocide, keeping with a 2017 campaign promise.

"France was among the first nations to denounce “the murderous hunt of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire,” Macron told an annual dinner of the Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France that

France officially recognised the Armenian Genocide in 2001.

Macron said he informed Turkish President Tayip Erdogan about the decision beforehand, adding that he wanted to keep an open dialogue with Turkey.

Emmanuel Macron and his spouse visited the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial as they visited Armenia in October 2018. 

Mr. Macron laid a wreath at the memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims and paid tribute to their memory with a moment of memory.

Emmanuel Macron also visited the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute and planted a fir tree in the Memory Alley.