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Armenia dispatches humanitarian mission to Aleppo
2019-02-08 10:17:30

An 83-member group of Armenian humanitarian deminers, doctors and their security personnel arrived in Aleppo, Syria today to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, the Armenian Ministry of defense reports.

Armenian specialists will carry out humanitarian mine clearance activities and provide medical services in areas where there are no military operations.

Armenia made a decision to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria, taking into consideration the humanitarian crisis in Syria and especially in the city of Aleppo as a result of military actions.

The Armenian side has also taken note of UN Security Council Resolutions No.2237 in 2017 and Resolution No. 2401 of 2018, a written request of the syrian side, as well as the existence of a large Armenian community in Aleppo.

Issues related to the deployment of Armenian specialists in the territory of the Syria, their status, functions and security are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

The Russian side has assisted in deploying and ensuring the security of the Armenian specialists.