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Stepanakert’s participation in talks a must, Armenia, Artsakh officials say
2019-02-13 14:45:21

Restoration of the full format of negotiations with direct, fully-fledged participation of Artsakh is a key point on the republic’s foreign policy agenda, Artsakh’s Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian says.

According to him, the goal can be achieved if the two Armenian states have clear distribution of roles and commitments in the conflict settlement process.

“The leadership of the Republic of Armenia has often stated that the interests of Stepanakert should be represented in the negotiations by the authorities that were elected by the people of Artsakh,” Minister Mayilian said in an interview with Mediamax.

Armenia and Artsakh have gone further towards preparing their societies for peace and Azerbaijan now needs to catch up, Artsakh’s Foreign Minister added.

According to him, not only has official Baku failed to prepare its society for peace, but has actually moved in the opposite direction.

“Azerbaijan is actively propagating xenophobia against Armenians at the state level; it encourages hate crimes against Armenians, lauds individuals guilty of hate crimes, hinders public peacemaking initiatives and threatens Artsakh with war, keeps trying to isolate Artsakh, and so on,” Minister Mailyan stated.  

He added that Artsakh Republic’s readiness to de jure take the responsibility for regional peace means that Artsakh must be fully involved in the peace talks and share the responsibility for the future of the region equally with other signatories of the legally binding peace treaty.

Presenting the Government’s Action Plan at the National Assembly on Tuesday, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also stressed that Artsakh should play a decisive role in determining its own future.

“As Armenia’s Prime Minister, I can, am ready and must negotiate on behalf of Armenia, but I cannot negotiate on behalf of the Republic of Artsakh, because I do not have the status of Artsakh’s Prime Minister or President," Pashinyan said.

“One of our main goals is to ensure Artsakh’s full participation in the negotiation process," he said. 

At the same time, he stressed that the Republic of Armenia remains the guarantor of Artsakh’s security.