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Armenia has a chance to build a new country in a new science-based world - President
2019-02-15 15:43:34

Armenia is at the crossroads of civilizations and has to face the reality that it stands at the border of different civilizations, beliefs, ideas and religions, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said in an address to the faculty and staff of the Heidelberg University.


“Now, in the 21st century the world is changing dramatically. The 21st century will be an era, when new scientific, technological and education will inspire huge excitement and it will affect the public and political life of the new world.


“We are a small, but truly a global, closely related nation, a nation for which education has been important for centuries.   We are the people that have lived at the crossroads of different civilizations and cultures and have managed to survive,” the President said, adding that “this is a feature important in the 21st century.


“In our country, which is not rich in natural resources, we have a very good school of science and technology developed more than 100 years ago. We have a huge cultural and Christian heritage,” he stated.


“We are a young nation and state, which has a brilliant opportunity to build a new country in a new world based on the power of science, new discoveries and innovation and the quality of education,” the President stated.


Speaking about his vision of the Karabakh conflict settlement, President Sarkissian said “the unsolved frozen conflict can be very dangerous if not managed correctly.”


“For me, there is no alternative to a peaceful settlement. Any other way will be completely destructive for everyone. And here it does not matter how powerful you are, how much money you spend on armament and how large your army is. Different interests and challenges are centered in this region. This is truly a crossroads of civilizations,” the President stated.


He said Syria and the Middle East are not far away, so as Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Russia. The smallest destabilizing phenomenon can be very destructive here. Therefore, there exist only one option - a peaceful settlement. And I hope the settlement will be based on reason and human values. I hope the final solution will take into account the rights of the people of Nagorno Karabakh,” Armen Sarkissian added.