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President Sarkissian denies cooperating with any political party
2019-02-16 16:15:44


The Armenian President’s Press Office has denied reports President Armen Sarkissian is cooperating with one of political parties.

“President Sarkissian is not a member of any party, has no interests in the political field and is not cooperating with any party,” the Press Office said.

The comments come in the wake of a report by one of media outlets claimng that the President pursues his own interests and cooperates with one of the political parties. 

 Within the scope of his authority, the President meets and will continue to meet with  parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political forces, his Office said.

 In particular, in October last year, President Sargsyan initiated and held a series of consultations with the National Assembly factions and recently met with the ARF Dashnaktsutyun Bureau representatives. Relevant Information has been provided on all of such meetings.