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Audio archive of Public Radio of Armenia goes online
2019-02-27 15:15:43

The audio archive of Public Radio of Armenia is now available online. The official website at armradioarchive.am was officially launched today. 

The Public Radio archive is Armenia’s largest audio repository. It hosts about 100,000 recordings, including songs, speeches, programs, concerts, etc.

The history of Armenian radio starts from September 1, 1926. It was the day of the first experimental broadcast and the day the words “Yerevan is speaking” were heard for the first time.

For the first time on that day, the "Eastern Chorus" (later, the National Instrumental Ensemble of the Republican Radio of Armenia) performed live.

The radio schedule was created in April-June 1927, and programs began broadcasting at exact hours.

Today the Fund holds over 150 thousand hours of performances, literary and artistic programs, recitals, radio performances. It stores not only Armenian and Russian, but also Kurdish, Yezidi, Azerbaijani and Arabic recordings, music, cultural and children's programs, radio performances, speeches by renowned Armenians, interviews, etc.

 2017 marked the start of a new process of digitization involving cutting-edge technology for recycling of the fund, improving the quality of the recordings, ensuring their long-term storage, use and publication. The “Cultural Revival” Foundation contributed to the process.

The audio fund holds about 97,000 recording, of which 28,000 are works by Armenian composers.

On the trilingual website the audio recordings are linked to the date of recording, the authors of the music and lyrics, their biography, photos, etc. The recordings are presented by genres: classical, folk, pop, radio performances, special speeches, interviews, etc.

The archiving works are still in process, as the audio fund gets enriched with new recordings and names every day. Here one can find unique songs, speeches, concerts and voices that have been unknown to many by now.

These voices and songs that are witnesses to history and tell about the past and present are getting more valuable with every new visitor and new listener.

Today it is not only possible to enjoy the gems of the “Golden Fund,” but also create new ones. The recently reopened recording studio - the Radio Studio - where most of archive materials have been recorded for decades, enables to record works that will become an evidence of today’s cultural values.