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Armenia condemns Azerbaijani “court verdict” against civilian Karen Ghazaryan
2019-03-01 09:53:53

Armenia has condemned the verdict of the Azerbaijani court aginst Armenian civilian, calling out the "vivid violation of the international humanitarian law."

"Sadly, the Azerbaijani authorities, unsatisfied with initiating farce-like court case against Karen Ghazaryan who appeared in the Azerbaijan’s territory under unknown circumstances, went even further and, by conducting the trial in an “accelerated manner,”  ruled a sentence of 20 years in prison against our citizen who has apparent health issues," Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna Naghdalyan said in a statement.

The comments come after the Ganja Military Criminal Court of Azerbaijan sentenced Armenian citizen Karen Ghazaryan to 20 years in prison for "organizing sabotage and terrorist acts in the territory of Azerbaijan." Armenia’s Defense Ministry denied that Ghazaryan was serving in the military.

"We condemn the verdict of the Azerbaijani court, ruled in an vivid violation of the international humanitarian law, while the real author of that verdict is the leadership of Azerbaijan," Naghdalyan stated.

She said the real reason behind the state-orchestrated capture of Karen Ghazaryan is not a secret and added that "those efforts will not succeed."

"The rights of the people living in the conflict zone and the international humanitarian law constitute a priority for both the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh," she noted.

"Moreover, the recently-issued decision of the authorities of Artsakh to free the Azerbaijani serviceman, who had served his proportionate court sentence, attests to the supremacy of the rule of law and the adherence of the Armenian side to the international humanitarian law," the Spokesperson added. 

"Nevertheless, the murder of a minor on the grounds of ethnic hatred is on a different legal as well as moral plane, moreover when we still have a fresh memory of the state-wide glorification of such crimes and their perpetrators. The impunity of the murderer glorified for the crime committed under exactly the same pretext 15 years ago is a daily reminder that such new “heroes” are needed by neither our region nor by the international community," Anna Naghdalyan continued 

She said Armenia will undertake consistent efforts tos defend the rights of its citizen and his freedom.