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Joint EU, CoE project to promote judicial independence in Armenia
2019-03-04 14:21:04

The project “Support to the judicial reform – enhancing the independence and professionalism of the judiciary in Armenia” funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe within the framework of the Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) and implemented by the Council of Europe will be launched on 5 March 2019.

The overall objective of the Project is to further promote judicial independence, the effectiveness of legal proceedings and access to justice in Armenia by providing legal drafting support to the post constitution justice reform processes in the fields of justice, judiciary and disciplinary frameworks, as well as by enhancing the application of mediation and arbitration in accordance with Council of Europe standards and recommendations.

The Project will work towards delivering the following outcomes:

· Court users benefit from more independent, transparent and efficient functioning of the judiciary;

· National legal acts on the judiciary are developed, revised and implemented in line with Council of Europe standards;

· The transparency and efficiency of the work of the Judicial Self-governing Bodies, namely the newly established Supreme Judicial Council and the General Assembly of Judges is enhanced with the support of the Project;

· Equal access to justice and legal certainty is enhanced and the efficiency of the performance and management of the courts are improved in line with the Council of Europe standards;

· Practical application of arbitration and mediation in Armenia is improved in order to facilitate access to justice and for the benefit of the public, the reduction of the backlog of cases and the overall economic growth.