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Armenia hopes to reach agreement with Russia on gas price - PM
2019-03-06 15:55:23

Prime Minister Nikol Pahsinyan hopes Armenia will come to terms with Russia on reduction of gas price this year.

“Negotiations are under way, and I hope we’ll manage to solve the issue this year,” PM Pashinyan said in an interview with TASS.

He said “it’s important not only for the development of bilateral relations with Russia and for the Eurasian Economic Union, as a whole.”

“After all, the essence of the EAEU is to create a single economic space. And in order for this single economic space to work, it is necessary to ensure that the prices of energy carriers, which play an important role in the product cost structure, are close to each other,” he said.

He further explained that “if the cost of the same product is much higher in Armenia than in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan because of high energy carrier prices, it will strike a blow to EAEU.

“Therefore, we discuss the topic not only with Russian colleagues, but also during sittings of EAEU’s supreme economic and inter-parliamentary councils and other formats,” Pahsinyan said.