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Armenia's mission to Syria purely humanitarian, Pashinyan says
2019-03-06 17:31:31

The humanitarian aspect is the only component in Armenia’s mission in Aleppo, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with TASS.

“I will deem this mission a success if it turns out that our representatives have helped descendants of the people who helped Armenians that escaped the massacre in the Ottoman Empire,” he said.

“For us this is a humanitarian-historical mission, and we simply want to pay back to the friendly, fraternal Syrian people,” he added.

He said the goal of the mine-clearance mission is to help open a safe space for the Syrian children to play,” he said.

“This is a humanitarian mission in the literal and figurative sense,” the Prime Minister stated.

Armenia has dispatched an 83-member group of Armenian humanitarian deminers, doctors and their security personnel arrived in Aleppo, Syria today to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, the Armenian Ministry of defense reports.

Armenian specialists will carry out humanitarian mine clearance activities and provide medical services in areas where there are no military operations.