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Arvin Haghnazarian: Traveler settles in Armenia after a 20-year journey
2019-03-07 15:57:59

Anna Martikyan
Public Radio of Armenia


Arvin Haghnazarian has travelled around the world and has long lived on his sailboat in the Caribbean. Now he has arrived in Armenia, has received an Armenian passport and intends to buy a house and a garden on the “land of his ancestors.”

Arvin has passed a 20-year-long path from Iran to the Caribbean. He recalls receiving his passport at 18 and leaving his home in Iran in search for a dream.

Brazil was the first stop. He then travels in whole of South America and reaches Panama.

“I left Iran with 1000 USD in my pocket,” the traveller recalls.

He would then take up odd jobs and sell hand-made bracelets and earrings to earn his living.

In the Caribbean he sees a sailboat and makes new plans for the future.

“It was the first time I saw a sailboat and I was told that it is powered by the wind, that I can sleep and live in it. It was a wonderful thing,” Arvin Haghnazarian says.

To earn enough money for the vessel, he starts working at a tourism company as “crocodile displayer,” which he says, was an interesting job.

At last he buys a cheap sailboat, renovates it and starts sailing in the high seas.

“I bought the vessel in the north of Brazil and spent my first 14 days on the sea. I didn’t know what to do. I only knew that I had to open the sails when there was wind,” he says.

The sailboat with an Armenian flag then becomes home to Arvin.

In 2017 Arvin “anchors his home” and arrives in Armenia with a dream to get an Armenian passport. In 2019 he has returned with his Australian girlfriend to buy a house and a piece of land and establish in Armenia.

“We may even settle in Karabakh, we have not decided yet,” Arvin says.

Before they decide where they will build their home, Arvin will teach his girlfriend how to cook Armenia tolma and other traditional dishes.

All he has brought with him is a backpack that has wandered for 20 years, Panamian rum and a small guitar. He will buy the rest in Armenia.