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Armenian sapper injured in Syria
2019-03-08 13:33:00

An Armenian sapper was injured on March 7, while carrying our humanitarian mine-clearance in Syria, the Humanitarian Demining and Expert Center reports.

The foot injury was caused by a blast of a booby-trapped mine in a plastic case.

The de-miner was taken to hospital where he underwent a surgery. The injury is not life-threatening.

Armenia continues the de-miming mission in Syria.

An 83-member group of Armenian humanitarian deminers, doctors and their security personnel was dispatched to Aleppo last month to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people.

So far Armenian sappers have cleared an area of over 10,510 square meters.  They have found and destroyed hundreds of anti-tank and other mines, unexploded air bomb particles.

The doctors involved in the humanitarian mission are engaged in Aleppo military hospital and university clinics. From February 18 to today, Armenian doctors have carried out more than 50 surgeries and provided therapeutic assistance to hundreds of people, 160 clinical, biochemical and hormonal laboratory tests have been carried out.