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IDeA Foundation launches Climate Uturn ecological platform
2019-03-28 11:10:20

A sustainable ecosystem is strategically important for the development of any country. The only way to keep talented people in Armenia and attract new ones is to create comfortable and modern living conditions. This means a healthy environment, opportunities for self-realization, high-quality education and health care.

Systemic change is only possible when the country develops in a consistent and integrated manner, which is why IDeAimplements interconnected anchor projects that spark multiplicative positive changes. This approach requires a solid foundation — a platform. IDeA’s projects are based on several platforms: the Aurora Prize is implemented on the humanitarian platform, UWC Dilijan is on the educational one. Technological, healthcare, financial, tourist and urban platforms are part of IDeA Foundation as well. Like others, the environmental platform is a long-term initiative and is considered as a part of 30-year country development program.

Today, our country, along with the entire planet, faces serious climate challenges that will inevitably affect our quality of life. It seems that at some point humanity has gone the wrong way and now needs to make a U-turn. That is why IDeA Foundation launches Climate Uturn — an environmental platform aimed at changing our attitude to the planet and behavioral patterns.

This is yet another ambitious initiative by IDeA Foundation in our journey to contributing to the holistic development of the country,” mentions Rafi Baghdjian, CEO, IDeA.

We strongly believe that we can co-create the future we want to live in. Nearly 50% of our daily actions are just a mindless habit. By introducing green habits we plan to engage people into sustainable circle of collective action that creates positive environmental impact,” says Diana Badeian, head of the Climate Uturn environmental platform, “we will focus on 3 most relevant areas where it’s easier to take action and immediately see results. These are waste prevention, reforestation, and energy saving.” In addition, the project program includes the development of environmental standards for products and services implemented in Armenia.

IDeA Foundation has many years of experience in creating infrastructure projects that improve the lives of communities, but environmental challenges are too big to be solved just by a single initiative. The Climate Uturn team holds negotiations with international and local partners and soon willopen the registration for volunteers who will be the driving force of the initiative.